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Diane Reich is an artist, educator, inspirational speaker, and enthusiastic advocate for Israel and our Jewish heritage via her informative and entertaining art presentations. Her goal is to use her paintbrush dipped in color to share uplifting facts and incredible stories that will inspire and develop greater pride and appreciation of our history, culture, and homeland. Diane feels incredibly fortunate to be accepted as a public speaker in both the JNF and the UJA Speakers Bureaus. Her art presentations touch the hearts and minds of her audiences, and those who hear her are profoundly moved. 

8  Art Presentations & Interactive Programs  -  descriptions & photos

"Israel: Young, Tiny, Democratic, and Remarkable"

Five paintings illustrate Israel's unprecedented and incredible contributions to mankind.

40 incredible pride-evoking

fun-facts about Israel

Israel Provides Humanitarian Aid

Around the World

Israel's Miraculous Medical Achievements Save​ Lives                           Israel's Agricultural Techniques Help Globally                           Israel's Technology & Inventions Improve Humanity

"Who's At the Wall?

Finally, Living Free of Anti-Semitism in Our Homeland"

The immigrant experience is depicted by presenting the fascinating lives and experiences of four prominent Israelis who came to Israel during different decades, from different countries where each fled anti-Semitism, discrimination, and persecution. The painting shows them now living in Israel, praying at the Kotel, and enjoying equal rights, self-determination, and freedom from government-sponsored and community-supported anti-Semitism.

      From left to right are images of:​

      1) Rabbi Yisrael Meir Lau, child holocaust survivor, born in POLAND in 1937 - former Ashkenazi Chief Rabbi of Israel​

      2) Nadav Guedj, IDF soldier, born in FRANCE in 1998 - represented Israel & became finalist in Eurovision Song Contest

      3) Natan Sharansky, human rights activist, born in the UKRAINE in 1948 - Knesset member, author, & Chairman of Jewish Agency

      4) Shlomo Molla, survivor, born in ETHIOPIA in 1965 - Deputy Speaker of Knesset & Director of Immigration & Absorption

"Emet - Truth" 


12 meaningful images and scenes encircle the map.  These visual representations contain important and impressive truths about Israel and the Middle East.  They are described pictorially and elucidated using facts and documented narratives during the talk.   

"Longing for Peace   1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6x..."

This dove symbolizes Israel's yearning for peace.  The years painted along the bottom represent actions taken that clearly demonstrate her desire for peace.  The dates also represent times the Arabs / Palestinians rejected both peace and the opportunity to have a state of their own. 

Generosity & Kindness

This whimsical papercut collage depicts the generosity and kindness of Israelis involved in the "Wheelchairs of Hope" initiative, which was praised by the U.N. Israeli volunteer engineers, occupational therapists, designers, and experts in plastics, in conjunction with ALYN Pediatric Rehabilitation Hospital in Jerusalem, developed an improved, light weight plastic, supportive, children’s wheelchair.  Israel is producing and donating these colorful kid-friendly wheelchairs to children without mobility from families with limited resources so they can become mobile, attend school, and increase their independence. Israel has already shown kindness and generosity by donating tens of thousands to children in need in Central and South America, Africa, Asia and the Middle East.  

"100 Hearts"


A hundred hearts are too few to hold all the love I feel for you.

מאה לבבות לא מספיקים מכדי להחזיק את האהבה שאני מרגישה כלפיך

The theme and image in this painting were inspired by King Solomon's passionate lyrical poetry in the "Song of ​Songs."   

The phrase was inspired by a contemporary verse.

The art presentation includes and expands on Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks' concept of the Seasons of Love.

People of the Book:

Fire, Fury, Faith, and Facts ~ 

100 Years of Jewish History in a Painting

The People of the Book commonly refers to the Jewish people. This painting illustrates the last hundred years of the Jewish people’s history and current events; and utilizes several languages to signify the extent of anti-Semitism and the many Jewish and Israeli triumphs despite it. The book titles on the darker colored books in the left stack depict the dark and horrifying occurrences in our recent historical past as well as the equally dreadful problems confronting the Jewish people and Israel today. The book titles on the brighter colored books in the right stack represent many magnificent aspects of Jewish and Israeli life that are overwhelmingly amazing and pride-evoking. A golden menorah, a Judaic symbol of faith, history, and miracles is painted atop the books. This menorah with flames blazing symbolizes both fire and fury, the hellish burning of past and current unfairness and injustices toward our people. This menorah also symbolizes faith, facts, and light. With the light that comes from awareness of truth, faith, and facts, we can feel abundantly proud of our Jewish people, our remarkable Jewish heritage, our important place in society today, and our optimism for our future. All that we share should make us feel united, as one menorah with eight precious lights.



"Let's Talk About Israel:  

A Fun & Interactive Look at a  Remarkable Country"

During the Covid-19 pandemic, creative, multi-media, interactive virtual zoom programs were created and presented.  They include comics, short videos, paintings, photos, fun facts, and a unique and creative Israel IQ Game.

Diane Reich is a public speaker in the Jewish National Fund (JNF) & United Jewish Appeal (UJA) Speakers Bureaus


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Diane Reich’s Paintings Chosen For Exhibit 

Personal Renaissance Art Exhibit at Belskie Museum of Art & Science, Closter, NJ, 3/5 - 3/26/2017

           Israel's Contributions to Humanity Showcase Art Display, Bialystoker Synagogue, NY, NY, 4 - 5/2017          

 Religious Freedom Showcase Art Display, Bialystoker Synagogue, NY, NY 6-7/20/2017

Freedom An Artistic Interpretation Exhibit, Belskie Museum of Art & Science, Closter, NJ, 3/5 - 3/25/2018

Manny Cantor Center of the Educational Alliance Art Exhibition, NYC, NY 10 -12/2018

Stanton 11 Exhibit at the Stanton Street Shul Art Gallery, NYC, NY 1/13-3/12/2019

Henry Goodleman Art Gallery Exhibition, Brooklyn, NY 1/15-1/20/2019

Manny Cantor Center of the Educational Alliance Art Exhibit, NYC, NY 4 - 6/2019

Painting Exhibition, Co-op Village NORC Center, NY, NY 9/2019

The Pen and the Knife Jewish Papercut Art Exhibition, NYC, NY, 11/4 - 12/2019 

Utopia: Visions and Traditions Yiddish New York Art Show, NY, NY 12/12/2019 - 1/2020

Best of Stanton Art Exhibit, Stanton Street Synagogue Art Gallery, NY, NY, 3/8/2020 - present

Magical Thinking & Superstition Exhibit, Hebrew Union College Heller Art Museum, NY, NY - opening postponed due to Covid-19

"Finf Yor" Five Years of Art at online gallery of Yiddish NY www.YiddishNewYork.com/visual-Arts_Exhibition  12/2020-12/2021

Painting chosen to represent month of February in United Jewish Council 2021 Calendar  nyc.ujces.org/calendar2021  2021

Paintings exhibited in UJC Virtual Art Gallery  https://ujces.org/art-gallery  2021  

"Veiling and Revealing: The Facemasks of the Torah Art Exposition"  1 of 14 international artists selected to be presented at fundraiser sponsored by Harlem Moishe House and the Yeshivat Chovevei Torah Team for the environmental non-profit, Hazon.  2/27/2021

Interview & Article about Artist    https://ujceastside.org/blog/artist-diane-reich  2-3/2021

https://www.facebook.com/HarMoHo.ny/photos/gm.124586899535009/532565172750995   2021  

 Moshe House and Yeshivat Chovevei Torah   https://www.facebook.com/HarMoHo.ny/videos/842125156518552    2021

HAZON  https://shmitaproject.org/submissions/plantning-for-the-future   2021

Art chosen to be printed on postcards to distribute to clients as Holiday Gifts from United Jewish Council 12/2021 - 1/2022

Upcoming Art Exhibit at Kehila Kedosha Janina Synagogue, the only Greek Synagogue in the Western Hemisphere, starting 9/2022

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